MMA in Paradise 4


MMA in Paradise 4 folks! First off let me say that all the fighters fought well and the event was a success. I came to see some good fights and got them. Of course you know there was a few moments where much improvement is a MUST! I wil point them out later. For now lets talk about the fights! That is all. That is all.

Of course you know REPVI was there! How else would I be able to capture this VI event. We all know when it comes to entertainment in the Caribbean and even the world there is one place to check. REPVI.COM!

The first fight was with my boy Cideane Brown. Watching the fight now I see that he totally PWNED that dude. While I was watching it that night I thought “is this a track and field event?” The first problem was that Mr. Hazel didn’t want to come out and fight. Dude took FOREVER JUST TO COME OUT. Either way after Earl get that blow to the head from Cideane he took off faster than a man caught with his best friend girlfriend.

This fist right here turn he into a bonafide coward!

This fist right here turn he into a bonafide coward!

This fight right here was the best in my opinion. Lasted for the whole three rounds. Lots of submission moves and ended with that kick that sent the USVI packing. That kick caught him slipping. He didn’t see it coming. By the time he caught himself he on the ground.

In Street Fighter they call this a cross up combo lol!

In Street Fighter they call this a cross up combo lol!

This match right here was pure comedy. After seeing his fellow teammate Daniel knocking out Grey he got all hyped up. As the match begin he started throwing a bunch of girlie fists. Like he was swatting flies. I felt from the time I saw that I knew something bad was gonna happen. He was to excited and was making some stupid mistakes. His guard was down. He went in head first. Not to mention he didn’t look like he had a plan. He totally under estimated his opponent. Funny thing I kept rewinding that fight. Just to see how he got knocked out…Then I realized..





flat out on the ground like a bad ting in a bang tight!

flat out on the ground like a bad ting in a bang tight!

This was the last fight and it wasn’t another knock out round. It went to decision. Dwayne fought a great fight. He is from Jost Van Dyke. Most likely he might be family to me. Just saying don’t mess with me. I know people….

The night was great and exciting EXCEPT for the commentator. LAWD have mercy dude just couldn’t stop talking. The time between fights was to much. Next time the flow of entertainment need to move a little better. I understand that most of the fighters wasn’t there but they still put on a great experience. I look forward to the next MMA in Paradise event. So make sure you head on over to and check on everything entertainment in the VI and the world! Also be sure to check us out in Canada for the Fan Expo August 28 – 31.

One Piece 654 Review


This dude name Law. Ting got more energy than the energizer bunny! Just when you think this man is down and out he spring up like lazarus. So lets dig in this almost action filled episode.

We begin with the sexy Nami-swan and friends on the Thousand Sunny. Totally owned that artist chick. Once again we have the enemy blabbing dem mouth. I mean can at least one villain ever keep their mouth shut. To think about it she is one tough chick. Ugly but tough.

Watch her....running her mouth like water...

Watch her….running her mouth like water…

We see the fight for Block “D” still raging on. Things seem to be heating up with some AAA  fighters still coming for that number one spot. With so much super stars one can only wonder who will be on top. I mean there is even a freaking Lion. One big Pussy Cat biting up man. Real talk! Only in One Piece buddy. I just hope Rebecca don’t get hurt to bad. Wouldn’t want her sweet sexy flawless skin be harmed in any way…

I got my money on the Lion. Just saying...

I got my money on the Lion. Just saying…

Then right back to my boy Law. I thought he was a dead man. But like Lazarus he rose up and bust off like this dude in the MMA fight this past weekend…

I never see am man run so fast! Stop run from de licks dem!!!

I never see a man run so fast! Stop run from de licks dem!!!

Anyway Law pulled the good ole switch-a-roo. He took the heart from one of the grunts. Ceaser thought it was his heart but no. That moment of distraction gave Law the chance to escape. Once again the Tom and Jerry chase continued. Law took Ceaser and started his way down to the bridge. Doflamingo was right on his tail and looked a little confused. He knew he has no way of escape and wondered why he running towards his home town. Then in the corner of his eye he saw the Thousand Sunny with the crew bawling from some fighting fish. Yes they are being attacked by huge fighting fish. So you know Doflamingo ain’t no fool. He decided to kill everyone on the ship. Which totally freaked everyone out!

Yep. Would totally like to be freaking out with I mean "OH No!"

Yep. Would totally like to be freaking out with Nami…er I mean “OH No!”

 We done know these man is dead. None of them could fight Doflamingo. If this was Dragonball Z He would be Cell and they would be Krillin.Then like a boss the only man who would risk his life not for the crew but for Nami-Swan!!!

Talk about a flashy entrance!

Talk about a flashy entrance!

Sanji aka Black Leg came in just in time! But will he be able to actually fight this beast of a man. I know I don’t speak highly of Doflamingo but he seem to be pretty tough. I mean he was frozen by Kuzan. He then broke out of that ice like it was nothing.  Can’t deny how strong he is. I hope Sanji don’ get beat up to bad. So when things are getting real good the anime ended. I be all excited and then it just end. I know the next episode will prove to be epic!! Big man fight between Sanji and Doflamingo! So stay frosty till then!!

To be continued


MMA in the BVI!


In the British Virgin Islands we getting some MMA action. Got two tickets to the event. Of course you know I will be vlogging all the action as it happens. Who knows we might see a knockout out of the four matches. This is the 4th event in the BVI and it has grown not into a blood sport but a well respected sport. Not saying I don’t enjoy seeing some good fights but I guess it is the barbarian in me that enjoys it. So July 19th 2014 @ 7PM will be the place to be in the BVI!


No Naruto episode..


Imagine there look on my face when I don’t see uTorrent downloading any thing for Naruto. Having so much on my plate today I thought I missed out. Wishing one of my favorite naruto fans a happy birthday… Shout out to Shermaine! Happy Naruto Thursday!!


But looking online I found out that Naruto will be back next week. It seem the conclusion to the story Hashirama telling to Sasuke. Now mind you I done see Sasuke have to change his mind about destroying the village. So much blood shed for war is meaningless. Yes many lives have been taken but it don’t make sense to continue killing. Look what happened to the Uchiha clan. Sasuke need find Sakura and start making babies. He is the last of a species. Make love not war. So if you checking don’t fret. Go download Fairy Tail and Sword Art Online. Well I am reading the latest Batman comic. Damian Rises. Yep good stuff. So any way next week Naruto will be back! Stay frosty till then!

New Thor a WOMAN?!?!


I telling ya Marvel turning it up!!! What has to be another head turner Marvel will be making Thor a woman. That is right. Just like many new changes they are taking the iconic god of thunder into a strong woman. Now I know most of the comic book geeks are either happy or turned on right about now. Here is more info on the news from Variety News Blog:

No longer is the classic male hero able to hold the mighty hammer, Mjölnir, a brand new female hero will emerge who will be worthy of the name Thor, Marvel Comics said in making the announcement. The inscription on Thor’s hammer reads ‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if HE be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.’ Well it’s time to update that inscription,” said Marvel editor Wil Moss. The new Thor continues Marvel’s proud tradition of strong female characters like Captain Marvel, Storm, Black Widow and more. And this new Thor isn’t a temporary female substitute – she’s now the one and only Thor, and she is worthy. The female Thor is the eighth title to feature a lead female protagonist and is aimed at women and girls whom comicbook publishers are not actively courting.

I think this will be very interesting to see how things go from here. I mean I don’t follow the god of thunder that much but it has peeked my interest now. Color me intrigued! As you know Carib Gamer will be going to the Fan Expo in canada very soon. So we will be bringing you all the latest news from Marvel once we touch down!


One Piece 653 Review


Sit around kids Uncle Doflamingo have a story to tell! What a story. This episode was very interesting. We got a good run down on the rest of the crew. So gather around!

A Long Long Long time ago.... In a Kingdom far far usual..

A Long Long Long time ago…. In a Kingdom far far away…as usual..

So yeah Law... I am One of the Celestial Dragons. Snack on that....

So yeah Law… I am One of the Celestial Dragons. Snack on that….

So we see Law is still on his back. Doflamingo seem like the kind of villain who like to run his mouth. He would be a horrible poker player. Everytime you say something that rub him the wrong way he stops smiling. Sad. Either way the long and short of his story is that after taking over the Riku Family he became one of the Celestial Dragons. Yep his family is now one of the top shottas. Talk about buzz kill for Law.

Look like Austin Powers vomited on One Piece...

Look like Austin Powers vomited on One Piece…

Back on the ship this artistic lady causing all kinds of problems for Nami-swan and friends. They are stuck in a painting. An ugly one to boot. I won’t lie I knew Brook wasn’t gonna betray his friends. Especially Nami-Swan! I know her name is Nami…but she is sooooo fine! After a tight battle they came through. Which was totally funny to see. Brook is pretty strong. His swordmanship is almost as good as Zoro.

So yeah....I just cut you. Like a Boss!

So yeah….I just cut you. Like a Boss!

Brook like to do it quick...

Brook like to do it quick…

Even after Brook cut her up she still got a little fight left.

Even after Brook cut her up she still got a little fight left.

Even the Ship is real tool!!!

Even the Ship is real tool!!!

Even after the ship get a piece she still didn't go down... Lil boy had to add in his piece..

Even after the ship get a piece she still didn’t go down… Lil boy had to add in his piece..

That was a funny fight. So we hurry along to something that confuses me. This dude always having these man crush on the straw hat crew. Every minute he crying and ting. Real botty man vibe if you ask me. I think sometimes he want to kiss these man. Either way the crew is slowly getting back together and the big plans for over taking the Doflamingo family is under way. I can’t wait to see the big battle with Luffy and Jesus from the Black Beard crew go head to head. I got my money on Luffy.

Derp Derp Derp Minding my business...

Derp Derp Derp Minding my business…



I know most would look at this episode and think it wasn’t that epic. Yet it had a few gems in there to keep my interest. Especially what Doflamingo had to say to Law. That was pretty epic news. So keep it locked as we wait in anticipation for the big fight to come soon! Till then stay frosty!


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