Doctor Who: The Love Hate Relationship I have


Fellow Whovians. I know I have been mute about the new Doctor. Peter Capaldi isn’t my favorite Doctor. I guess he needs to warm up to me. So far none of the episodes gave me that Doctor Who feeling. Well all that changed in the last episode Mummy on the Orient Express.

Doctor Who (series 8) ep8

This episode had a sherlock holmes vibe going. Going through the forums and I done see how everyone is loving this new Doctor. Sadly I don’t share the same sentiments. I find him to be boring. I understand after Matt Smith it would be pretty hard to fill that spot. Some say he is a great actor. I find his acting style just to bland. No real personality. I understand this version of the Doctor is more cold and calculated. Which matches his cold demeanor.

The eighth episode did some justice to the character I love to watch every Saturday. We have the classic mummy curse and an unknown villain that lured the Doctor to a trap to solve the mystery of the Mummy. We all know there is an explanation to this phenomenon. Who else better to solve it than the Doctor. Interesting enough his companion Clara Oswald is back. After she said she don’t want to travel with him anymore. Seriously Clara. No one leaves the Doctor.

This episode had everything I loved about the Doctor Who series. Mystery, Wicked looking villains and the Doctor being his crazy self.

The next episode got me a little excited. I will admit that I was losing faith in Doctor Who. The Kill the Moon episode nearly sent me over the edge. I know many other people thought it was pure genius. I thought it was boring and just not as interesting. I fast forward through most of it thinking I might have to find something else to watch. I guess everyone have their flavor of the Doctor they like. This isn’t my flavor right now.

As you can see this episode may prove to be awesome. Usually every Doctor have a mystery that unfolds coming to the end of each series. For example Bad Wolf and The Silence. Right now I only have a slight idea of what is going on this time around. People are showing up in heaven. Also his memory isn’t clear. I guess there is more to this but I am not sure what it is. Will just sit back and enjoy the ride so far.

Naruto Not Gon Cry Shippuuden 382 Review


This was an emotional roller coaster episode. Yes sir I promised myself I won’t cry. Yet I couldn’t help myself but shed a man tear. So much passion…. Grab a tissue for some issues.

So we have Obito standing high above watching everyone like cattle. Making everyone depress and sad. Telling everyone that fighting against him is futile. The tree sucking up chakra from everyone. Making them look like the walking dead. Then to make things more interesting Shikimaru look like he might bite the dust! This thing coming like Game of Thrones. You never know who they gonna kill of next.

Lawdy not Shikimaru!

Lawdy not Shikimaru!

So just then the First Hokage tried to get everyone to fight back. Yeah that didn’t work at all. No one ain’t want to die for no reason. So just then when you think all hope is lost guess who try to steal the spot light.

Sasuke Style

This blasted boy name Sasuke…

Look how this man want to theft Naruto thunder. He forget this is Naruto Shippuden. Not Sasuke Shippuden. Well guess what we all know Naruto ain’t gonna let this slide so easy.

Yeah Naruto ain't playing now!

Yeah Naruto ain’t playing now!

While all this epicness was going on the link was still active with the everyone in the shinobi allied force. So Naruto’s feelings was being televised in everyones mind. Which was a touching moment. Showing how Naruto suffered and loss. Also gave everyone an idea of how much he cares for his fellow ninja brothers in arms. I won’t lie. I almost shed a tear.

Another thing that happened that was kind of cool was the First Hokage shared his memories also. We saw the first Kage meeting. That didn’t really moved me cause Hashirama is a clown. He is a beast. But he does act like a clown.

Then we have the Sasuke Fan Club in full effect.

This girl literally want to lick Sasuke. Talk about a freak...

This girl literally want to lick Sasuke. Talk about a freak…

Orochimaru here just lusting over Sasuke.

Orochimaru here just lusting over Sasuke.

So we have his fans just on the side lines watching this man like he did anything. They ain’t know he was nothing but a scrub waiting for Naruto to save them all. Anyway not an issue. Right now Sasuke trying to keep up with Naruto. The man is leagues above him. I am also sad at the fact Naruto Manga will be ending soon. So watching each episode is like a countdown to the end. I know the Manga is pretty ahead of the anime but still the end is near. Also Madara seem pretty confident about his plans. He done say once the flower bloom he gonna beat Obito and take over. SOOOOOO wha going on with that. I thought they was (kinda) cool. Well it look like Obito in for a rude awakening just now. Also where the heck is Kakashi? This man cooling out for too long. Like he waiting for the war to end to come out of retirement.

This episode was good. Shows the heart of Naruto. Even the Second see the potential in Naruto. History repeats itself. Hashirama and Madara. Naruto and Sasuke. I wish it wasn’t coming to an end. Well I will enjoy the ride until the very end. So till then stay frosty!

Death of Wolverine: The End


All good things must come to an end. Some say he will be back. Some say Marvel just doing this to rack up sales. Either way we have the death of one of the most iconic characters ever known. Wolverine is dead. How he died I will leave for you to see but he didn’t die like no punk. As I read the last of the 4 part series I almost can sense his return. Something tells me that he isn’t going down just yet. One of my closest friends “Grinch” who follows Marvel very closely seen his share of super heroes die and miraculously come back to life.

Well this isn’t the last of Wolverine. Am I sure about that. Well if Marvel like money they won’t kill their most popular cash cow off that easy. Although giving him some time dead won’t harm building other characters. So as Marvel shake things up with their staple heroes ( Thor comes to mind ) I will have a moment of silence for the one and only Logan.

Naruto Super Sage Mode Shippuuden 381 Review


YO!!!! This is wha I talking about! Naruto is wha I call real tool! This episode had me geeking out constantly. Wait then the hugest bomb that was dropped was the epic history factoid done by Madara. YES!! I telling yo if you miss this episode you will be lost!!

So we have Naruto just saved everyone from utter destruction. So wha you think my boy ready to do. BEAST MODE!!! Man fly into combat like a idiot! Then this man forgot he can’t hit Obito without being in sage mode. EPIC FAIL. Either way Kurama got his back. Reminded him about the time he was talking to Pain AKA Nagato and while he was in sage mode some of his chakra leaked out. Now we all knew at that time Naruto couldn’t achieve sage mode because of the Nine Tails. Come to find out it was Kurama that was rejecting the toad sage. Talk about ting buddy. So guess what….




I was literally on the floor! Wait it get better! Guess who in the background jealous like a lil punk… Sasuke hahahahahhaha!


                                                                                 HE FEEL SOGGY!!

Finally it sink in this man. He isn’t up to the standards of Naruto. Best he just pack up and go sulk somewhere. He ain’t understand this man done pass the First Hokage. Man is real tool!

Obito ya can't handle the RASENGAN!!!!!

                                                                  Obito ya can’t handle the RASENGAN!!!!!

Well since Obito done see that he ain’t no match for the father and son combo man went and start the Tsuki No Me. Yep the whole reason for the war is about to take place. Talk about game over.

Yeah....that sucks

                                                                                      Yeah….that sucks

Interesting enough it don’t look like that phasing Madara one bit. Obito causing all kinds of hell and these man just shooting the breeze. Tree sucking up man chakra and life and these two man just chatting it up. Hashirama needed a lesson on epic jutsu 101. Guess who was the Professor. Madara. School is in session!

The Divine Tree with the Forbidden Fruit

                                                                 The Divine Tree with the Forbidden Fruit

We learned the time before chakra man was always fighting. While they was fighting there was this tree. They worshiped this tree because it was like the tree of life or something. Now once every millennium it grew a fruit. Now everybody had done know not to eat the fruit. But Kaguya Otsutsuki a princess ate it. Hmm is it me or this seems vaguely familiar. In the Bible. Garden of Eden. Eve Ate the fruit.

She just had to eat the fruit...

                                                                              She just had to eat the fruit…

Nah….so anyway she became like a god and finished the war on her own. She gave birth to a son. His name was Hagoromo Otsutsuki. I wonder who had sex with her. I mean to have sex with a god must of been epic. Well he probably died while having sex. What a way to die. Anyway Hagoromo Otsutsuki started Ninshu. AKA Jesus of Ninjutsu. Then the Divine Tree became alive looking for the chakra that was stolen. So basically Humans in the wrong for stealing. Hagoromo sort out the ten tails. But what Madara is seeking is peace. In a twisted way he want to achieve something that could not be achieved through human methods. He saw that before they even knew themselves there was war. So in his own thinking he wants to create a world where there is no war. Sounds cute but doing it the way he imagine it sucks. No one wants to be not in control of their own destiny. By the looks of it a dream will become a the reality.

The founder of Ninshu

                                                                                  The founder of Ninshu

What an episode buddy! So much to take in. Sadly I saw through the grapevine that Naruto Manga will be coming to an end in November. I choose not to believe this nonsense. Yet I know everything must come to an end. I may never be able to fill the void Naruto is filling right now. Well I hope the Anime doesn’t come to an end even though the manga would be over. I know that is impossible but I really don’t want this to end. So if you are following this series This is a must see episode. So much back story knowledge and Naruto making Sasuke realize he is but a genin makes me feel soooooo good! So until next week stay frosty!

Canada Fan Expo 2014 Review

Canada Fan Expo was an experience of a lifetime! Not only did we got a taste of Cosplay for the first time we also got many compliments from many of the attendees. The trip to Canada was very smooth. We received a warm welcome as we entered the country. One thing I must say about Canada is that it is very clean. No joke! Everywhere was like they just opened out the plastic!

The Fan Expo 2014 is an event that any comic book lover or anime enthusiast should definitely check out. Coming from the BVI I thought it was a great adventure. We met awesome people! Experienced new foods! All in all the whole team did what many people always wanted to do. So if you are reading this and always keep saying yo would make the effort to go to one Expo I say do it. The experience is worth it!

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution!!!


The only game that can peal me away from Destiny is Naruto SUN* Storm Revolution! The great folks at iKonnect totally hooked up Carib Gamer with a copy of Naruto SUN* Storm Revolution! If you didn’t know I am a total Naruto Fan. So far I am definitely enjoying the game. I must say the new play style is just making my mouth water.

Mifune is REAL TOOL!!

Mifune is REAL TOOL!!

With Destiny sucking up 90% of my life I will try to keep this game on my radar. Right now I have a bounty on a rivals head. He dust me off over at Versus. No worries like Goku I will be back. Seeing how I just got the game and working on the Destiny Review I am not sure when i can give my thoughts on this game just yet. So will try to multi-task. Just throwing this out there Shisui looking to be a real Main Driver for me. Extremely fast and epic tilt move. Not as epic as Naruto Kyuubi form tilt. That thing is OP to the MAX! Dude literally appears behind you without even using any Chakra. either way this game is shaping up to be a great fighting game for Naruto Fans.

Thank you iKonnect for hooking Carib Gamer up!



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